Our Mission

  • We are a fellowship of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 
  • We are nondenominational, Spirit-filled, and Spirit-led.  
  • We worship God through music, prayer, and in leading our lives.  
  • We believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are alive and operating today. 

Statement of beliefs

We believe the Bible is God’s Word. It is completely relevant today and has wisdom and answers for life on earth and forever - because it is divinely inspired by the one true God - who loves everyone very much. 

-2 Timothy 3:16

We believe that Apostolic teaching is primary; The writings of Paul, John, Peter and the other New Testament Epistles must form the foundation of Christian Doctrine. 

-Galatians 1:8

We believe eternal salvation is only through a relationship of faith in Jesus Christ. This relationship follows the leading of His character and nature as we confess His Lordship. 

-Romans 10:9,10